√ Frequently Asked Questions - Timelapse 52
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1. Why do I need a construction progress Video?

You have been working hard on a project, spent a lot of hours at work perfecting and planning each detail; hired a set of experts who share your vision and who work along with you to execute the plan. At the final stage where the construction actually begins you feel you need to know how the progress is going on and simple reports and presentations are not enough.

That is where construction progress videos come in to picture; once the cameras are installed they will record the progress of the construction from the first stage to its completion enabling you to get the clear and precise information. They act as the extra set of eyes on the construction site which work continuously without stopping for a break.

2. Why Choose Time Lapse 52?

Construction of an kind of industrial project is a product of planning and it needs great attention to detail at every stage to ensure that the project is executed without an error, there is a lot of capital involved and project managers need to be report various aspects of the construction to investors,
In order to maintain perfect records, you need a team of professional, where else will you find a team whose sole focused on providing results in terms of Time Lapse updates, who can match your requirements band deliver on time? Count on Time Lapse 52

Timelapse 52 is dedicated Vertical to Time Lapse that deals exclusively in Time Lapse related projects, for example if you have a construction project where you want and extra pair of eyes which will document the construction from the very first day of the proceedings, we will install our camera equipment for you, service it regularly and based on your requirement provide weekly, monthly quarterly updates.