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Time Lapse Capture

Quarterly Update

 Quarterly Update Videos to monitor your project’s gradational progress

Mega Construction Projects are usually termed Marathon Projects, as they involve Planning, Execution, Analysis and Management at Micro levels. While extended timelines for such projects are fairly justifiable, you need to periodically showcase some substantial progress at work to the Investor relations.


At Time Lapse 52, we offer you Quarterly Update Videos which empower you to showcase step by step progress of your project to your Stakeholders. We install High Definition Cameras at vantage angles to capture comprehensive view of your project and its surrounding facilities. Our cameras will capture your site’s progress on daily basis.


Every quarter we will make a Quarterly Update Video using the captured images, which will highlight progress made and challenges faced in that particular quarter. Along with boosting trust of Stakeholders, such videos will also help you take command of your project by controlling its progress.

Salient Features

equipment operation

Latest Camera and Other Equipments for High Quality Production

equipment operation

Installation of High-Definition of Cameras at strategic points to offer 360 degree view

equipment operation

Regular support and maintenance

equipment operation

State of the art ‘Green – Solar Powered’ technology

equipment operation

Good way to maintain trust of Investors relations

Time lapse video Showreel